It feels good to be at home.

An apartment like a villa: generous in areas, simple in lines, full of comfort and respecting privacy.

A perfect symphony.

A certain nostalgia inhabits the place.

White dominates in harmony with natural materials – stone and wood.

The building recovers the grandeur of the past.

01 Entrada
02 Entrada
03 Entrada
04 Entrada
05 Entrada
06 Entrada
01 Entrada

Ah, the light of Lisbon... Entering the large living room, with its different atmospheres, the high ceiling and the imposing windows. It’s time to welcome friends and family, to socialize, to appreciate every minute.

01 Sala
02 Sala
03 Sala
04 Sala
05 Sala
06 Sala
07 Sala
08 Sala
09 Sala
10 Sala
11 Sala
12 Sala
13 Sala
14 Sala
01 Sala

Underfloor heating. The master suites with sophisticated dressing areas and double bathrooms are just sublime.

01 Quarto
02 Quartos
03 Quartos
04 Quartos
05 Quartos
06 Quartos
01 Quarto

In the kitchen, clean lines and neutral tones contrast with equipment worthy of a chef. Materials are mixed together as one mixes condiments. Add a pinch of talent to the art of living

Premium kitchens, tiled in stone and Silestone®, with laundry space. State-of-the-art household appliances and connectivity technology that allows you to follow the entire food preparation process. Taps with built-in water filtration system.

01 Cozinha
02 Cozinha
03 Cozinha
03 Cozinha
04 Cozinha
01 Cozinha

Minimalistic-design bathrooms focused on functionality and comfort.

With timeless materials that make us forget the world outside.

01 Casa de banho
02 Casa de banho
03 Casa de banho
04 Casa de banho
01 Casa de banho

In summer, the heat dissipates with a dip or a reading break in the garden.

In winter, take advantage of the sun to walk by the trees and listen to nature.

And you don't even have to leave the property…

Each green space of the Condes de Caria has its own personality and characteristics, in respect for the existing species.

Having a garden is a statement of well-being.

04 Jardim
07 Jardim
06 Jardim
05 Jardim
03 Jardim
02 Jardim
01 Jardim
04 Jardim



Graphic design: três agá

3D Visualizations: MOMENTUM

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